Sadie Flower


Sadie FlowerSadie started Dance classes in Tap, Ballet and studied Gymnastics Representing a Leeds team in Competitions between the ages of 3 – 7.

Attending the Sandra Beaumont school of dance from the age of 7 for three years she took classes, exams and was introduced to the competitive world in Latin, Ballroom, Freestyle Disco and Rock N Roll.

During Primary School Sadie was what you would call a 'Tom boy' Part of the Boys football team and will boast that she scored the first EVER goal for her school!

Yet she managed to effortlessly balance the girly side with in her, loving fashion and creating her own style.

Throughout all of her High school years Sadie continued to delve into the intensive competitive world attending the Free Spirit School of Dance run by her inspirational teacher, Carole Walker.

Sadie left High school with the GCSE qualifications to attend the well known Intake Performing Arts College in Leeds.

She studied Ballet, Contemporary, Musical theatre, Jazz. Along with A level Drama, Singing and made many new friends.

In her college years aged 16-18, Sadie gained invaluable experience teaching at her dance school she had trained. Many students that she taught from pure beginner level – advanced competition level went onto to win championship competitions.

Sadie FlowerSadie also worked in a sun-bed shop during her time studying. This taught her how to save and appreciate the money she had. Sadie's parents didn't have much money growing up but Sadie always were able to train and pursue her career because of the sacrifices her parents made to achieve her goals.

After receiving a Distinction in BTEC Dance and an A level Drama Diploma, Sadie traveled to New York for a week straight after graduating and took many classes to gain experience.

One normal day Sadie was watching the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ on Trouble TV when she saw an advertisement for a dance competition with in the break.
She had been around the competitive industry all her dancing life so she thought why not enter.

Her first successful move into the world of the commercial street dance industry would be after she entered and then went onto WIN the first televised dance competition "BUMP N GRIND". (Princess Productions, Bayswater, London 2004)

Sadie is a born fighter and her driven nature helped her win this competition. It also gave her much learning experience as to how TV worked and what these shows were all about. Bump n Grind was the warm up for what was to follow.

Sadie had a great year getting booked for jobs and performing at many events. She also trained hard to keep up with the other dancers in her field and regularly attended auditions whilst teaching at the dance school she had trained at.

Sadie FlowerAt 19 years old Sadie’s life was about to change.

The BBC was advertising their own nationwide competition but this time was looking for dancers that could also choreograph and would be challenged in many dance styles. So the fire inside Sadie started to awaken.

Sadie was reluctant in entering a second dance competition but the fuel inside her would help .

After getting through the auditions by performing her own choreographed routine she was then partnered with 5 different male dancers before been paired with Joseph Hall. The two instantly clicked and danced great together through out the auditions. They performed a street dance routine to Sadie's favourite artist ‘Usher' and got put into the house along with 11 other couples to compete LIVE every week on the BBC.

Over 12 weeks of gruelling rehearsals, interviews and performances in many dance disciplines, Sadie and Joseph wowed the judges and the audience at home and were crowned 'STRICTLY DANCE FEVER' Champions 2005.

"Thank you so much to everyone who voted and have supported me, travel with me as I continue on my journey!"

Sadie Flower